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Our future as a business is associated with care for the environment. We are committed to improving the way we work in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 
- At the moment we have solar panels that generate hot water.
- In the renovated rooms we are installing LED lights and motion detectors to save electricity.
- The bathrooms have flow reducers on the taps and dual flush toilets in the rooms and public toilets.
- Waste water is channelled to a municipal treatment plant.
- In the different departments of reception, rooms, bars, kitchen and dining room the rubbish is separated into paper, plastic, glass and organic waste and taken to the containers behind the flats for recycling.
- For several years a company from Mallorca has been collecting the organic waste (brown bin) which is used for the production of fertilisers.
- We also have containers for used fryer oil and this company recycles it, for example to make washing soap.
- We are carrying out a report to find out what carbon waste we are generating and how it can be improved.
We are committed to reducing or eliminating waste, moving towards a circular economy model. To achieve this, we are implementing a Circularity Plan and promoting the training of our employees and raising awareness among our customers. This Plan is financed, in part, by the European Union-Next Generation EU.
We have installed bed lifting mechanisms in all hotel rooms. Such mechanisms are also partly funded by the EU Next Generation Funds.


3 reasons to stay with us

¡Vamos a la playa! Family holidays by the sea.

Gym, tennis court, and table tennis. SUP, Kajak and bike rental.

Meeting rooms for groups and seminars.

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